Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I need to start blogging again.

For the past few weeks (ok, maybe months) I've been telling myself that I should really start blogging again. I enjoy reading my friends' blogs, along with peoples blogs who I don't know - -or really have anything in common with. I think that is what makes it so intriguing for me. It's kind of like reading a gossip magazine about actual people and their real-life stories.

I used to tell myself I don't have anything great to blog about, no cute kid, no personal chef making beautiful meals, no beautiful mansion I'm building... but hey, Mike's cute and looks younger than his age, I can cook - kind of, and we're fixing up our little home!

So, Blog on, I say!

Since I need to start taking some picture of things I'd like to start blogging about - here is a little something that I found hilarious. Quite fitting for this Minnesota girl on a typical Minnesota March snowstorm kind of day.

And really, my mom did have to plan out our halloween costumes to fit over our snowsuits.

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