Thursday, March 19, 2009

A month and a day...

Mike is on his way home right now as we speak! Crazy guy left at 3:30am this morning... Last night I told him not to wake up until at least 5am to leave so that he at least got some sleep. But I guess he's just in a hurry to get home!
Last weekend my dad helped me get the wallpaper border off of my kitchen walls! One thing I forgot to do was take a picture of it. Oh well, I'd rather not remember it! I'll take a picture before any paint goes up so all you peeps who haven't seen it can see the before and after!
There was one totally gross thing that my dad helped me with also. While I was sitting on top of my refridgerator (scraping wallpaper) I noticed there were a couple things that had fallen behind there from the previous owner (his name is Phil). I could see a hotpad and a bottle of food coloring. So my dad said that we should move the fridge, the stove, and the small counter that sits in between them and clean back there. Ho-ly nas-ty!! I take full responsibility for not cleaning back there after we moved in but I didn't think it could possibly be that bad. I don't think Phil cleaned back there once in the 7 years he lived there. I literally had to take a scraper and scrape food and grime off the floor under the stove. Something must have boiled over once upon a time and Phil (being the 50 year old bachelor he was) never cleaned it up. But now thanks to my dad for helping me move the appliances, it's squeaky clean! And now I won't have a nasty suprise when I move the appliances again to paint!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I don't really have anything in mind to talk about for this entry... I have 15 minutes left of work and nothing to do. Well have have filing to do, but I'm just going to put that off until the morning.
Aly's coming home from school this weekend! I'm excited about that! I'm getting my hair cut by the one and only Farrah on Saturday. I could write a whole entry on Farrah...she is my hair miracle worker - and my mom's! I have reccomended Farrah to two ladies in my office and they both go to her now and one takes both of her teenage daughters to her too! I'm not planning on doing anything very drastic to my hair, I just want a little style to it. It's almost all one length again after cutting my bangs last spring!
I also want to work on my kitchen a bit this weekend. I want to paint it but before I do that I need to rip down the really pretty fruit wallpaper border that goes around it. I'll have to bring the ladder up cause it's way up near the ceiling. Fun times.
Mike is still in Colorado, working away. I had fun visiting him there last weekend! We went to "The Garden of the Gods" in Colorado Springs which was very picturesque. And we also went to the Denver Aquarium where Mike, and his niece Toni, fed sting rays by hand! . I'll have to post pictures when Mike gets back with the camera!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Water vs. Pepsi

Here is another quote from one of my favorite websites I've mentioned before

Mom to cashier: And we'll have a water.
Little girl: But I want Pepsi!
Mom: We're getting water Pepsi!
Little girl: Yaaaaay!
Mom, winking at amused cashier: When you have kids of your own, water Pepsi is the greatest invention ever.

Somehow I can see my mom getting away with this when my sister and I were younger...