Monday, May 24, 2010


I learned what love is. Finally.
And Mike must really love me.

Over the weekend Mike said "Do you want to go to Ikea?" I had not mentioned Ikea once that day...and for a guy who hates that place, for him to mention it out of the blue...must mean that he really loves me.

To be fair, I had mentioned Ikea a little earlier in the week. A little back story - We need more counter space in our kitchen. Who doesn't? Since we moved into our house, random shelving units have sat along a wall in our dining area - as an extension of our countertop, holding the microwave and other small appliances that we don't use every day.

One evening last week, I was flipping through the 2010 Ikea catalog while Mike was watching a TV show that I couldn't get into. Then lo and behold - I find the perfect table for our kitchen needs! The length is perfect to take up the whole wall and the depth is perfect too!So I show the picture Mike - as he his fully engaged in his show - and he glimpses at it and says "Oh yeah, neat". Oh well, I think to myself as I store it away in my memory bank for a later time.

I hadn't thought about it since until that joyous Saturday when my, ahem, husband, asked me if I wanted to go to Ikea and check it out! Wow! I didn't even think he was listening!!

Luckily, when we got there and saw it, he approved (he is very critical of Ikea furniture)! So now I have a new table that looks nice in our dining room and if functional for us as an extension of the kitchen! I'll post a picture after I set it up in a nice way...I'm still trying to figure out what goes where on/in it!

Love is going somewhere you hate just to make the one you love so incredibly happy. Thanks Mikey!!