Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Survivor...and us

Here we are...with Les Stroud. He was pretty interesting to listen to. Mike and I were impressed with how much he talked! We waited in line for an hour before he came out, another hour of standing in line listening to him talk (and a little Q&A session), and then another 1/2 hour waiting for his autograph. My feet still hurt - I should have worn better shoes!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Survivor Man

This weekend we are heading over to the M.O.A. (for all you non-MN folk, M.O.A. = Mall of America) to see Mike's hero. The Suvivor Man, Les Stroud will be doing a meet and greet on Saturday. Les is Canadian so I'm looking forward to hearing his o's. You know, instead of saying the word 'about' - they say 'aboot'. Cracks me up everytime.

For all of you who don't know, Les Stroud (Suvivor Man) goes out into the wilderness and records himself. He basically is teaching you how to survive if you find yourself in the same predicament that he has willingly put himself in. He doesn't have anyone else with him (no camera crew). Each show is usually 2 nights and one full day of taping then he makes it to his specific pick-up area.
When I was seaching for an image of him I came across this picture to use and the site was talking about how good looking he is.
Never thought of you that way suvivor man, sorry. I'm more of a 'Man vs. Wild', Bear Grylls fan.

There's a big controversy over Man vs. Wild. Bear Grylls does the same basic show as Les Stroud with a few minor differences. Bear has a camera crew with him and sleeps in a hotel every night (they don't portray it that way - but he's been busted recently). All of his shows have the same 'story line' too. Wherever he is Bear always eats a snake -or an equally gross thing, takes off his shirt, and tells a story about how a hiker recently died right where he was. Even if Bear is a fake - I'd still rather watch him.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally, pictures from the Keys!

After many, many requests to post some pictures from Florida here they are!

This is where I spent 7 days straight, just sitting in the water. We tried the pool one morning - but it didn't even compare to the view I had from this chair.

We went with friends Ben and Kallie - it was great to have other people there because Mike would NEVER just sit in the water and relax. So Ben and Mike entertained each other while Kallie and I just kicked it in our lounge chairs!
This is what Ben and Mike did most days in our little bay - snorkeling!
and finding things like this - hermit crabs!
We drove down to Key West one day while we were there. It's 95 miles from Key Largo to Key West, but since there's only one road to get there, and you can only go either 45 or 55 took us a while to get there!
Here are a few pics from the drive...

Here's Mike and I at the end of Key West - Only 90 miles to Cuba!

This is Mike at Sloppy Joe's, we had lunch there and found out it's famous for being a place that Ernest Hemingway used to hang out at.

A few years after he died someone found a back room at Sloppy Joe's that had a ton of his writings in it. Hemingway would go on drinking binges there and stay for days just frantically writing at the bar and I guess who ever was working there would just pick up all his papers and put them in a storage room. Random, I know.
After walking around the tourist-y area of Key West (which Kallie and I compared to Mexico - the same stores on each block all selling the same crappy stuff, oh except there was a Coach outlet which we did go into and it was wonderful!) we asked our waitress at Sloppy Joe's where a good beach to go to was - her response? "Key West is known for the water - not the beaches." What? Key West is an island...are you serious? So She told us to go check out a state park that had the best beach in town. Here's the obligatory 'foot with scenery' pic...
The water was pretty choppy and the beach was really rocky (not sandy) so it was tough for the guys to snorkel and us girls to sit on the beach. One day while we we're back at our hotel beach doing our normal routine (boys snorkeling, girls lounging) Kallie and I noticed a mom and her two kids on the dock pointing into the water and looking at something. We had heard that there were manatees there sometimes, so Kallie and I ran up to the dock to see what they were looking at. There were 4 manatees, and a baby one!
We started yelling at the boys to get their attention cause they still had thier heads in the water. Eventually they heard us and came over to check out what we were yelling at them for!

The baby one!

Mike and I are both fans of the ocean and of all the cool things living in it - we wanted to jump in and swim with the manatees so bad. On this trip I got the nickname Hannatee, but that's another story.
On the drive to Key west we saw a cool beach just on the side of the highway. We decided later in the week we would go check it out. Here is a picture of Kallie and I being the supermodels that we are... I got sun burned on the top of my head the day before - that's why I have Mike's hat on.

And one of Mike and I...

I have more pictures but I really better get back to work...I promise to post more soon!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The grass is always greener...two doors down.

So far this spring Mike has been working really hard to make our yard nice. The previous owner didn't do much yard work besides mowing. We have patches of no grass, patches of just weeds, and patches of sand/dirt that just won't grow grass. Last summer was kind of a trial and error for us - Mike tried a few different grass seeds and a few different weed killers. He even tried the 'weed and feed' which is supposed to kill the weeds but fertilize the grass. Not so much. It just burned up even more patches of grass for us to fill in again this year. So now we have figured out what works and we have tiny little blades of grass growing!!
The thing about yard work is that it is never an immediate gratification like my generation wants. We talked about this with our next door neighbors Travis and Erica, they are the same age as us, getting married soon, and are first time homeowners also! They do yard work just as much as we do and it's nice to be able to share tools like leaf blowers and hedge trimmers without having to go buy everything!
So here's the reason I titled my post the way I did... Two doors down from us (next to Travis and Erica) live Ed and Shirley (a very, very nice older couple). They have the most immaculate yard in the neighborhood. The grass is a perfect 'grass color' green, the hedges are alwyas trimmed perfectly, and the flowers seems to always be in bloom. Granted they have lived there somehwere between 20 and 30 years and they are retired so they have had the time to do it. This is where the whole instant gratification thing would be nice. Ed has had years to get his lawn and yard they way it is, and this is Mike's second summer. We can count last years trial by error year - even though it was practice.
(I'm sure you noticed how I referred to Mike doing the yard work...yeah, he does it all. I've potted some plants and flowers, and I help rake in the fall - but that's about it. )