Wednesday, April 28, 2010

'Bout time for a new post...

...And just for fun, let's show off some wedding pics!

Mikey and I tied the knot on April 15th! We were married at the Dove Creek Lodge in Key Largo, FL. Check out these teasers from our photog!

A little pre-wedding....It was way too windy to wear the veil that night...took a few pics with it and that was it. Sweet $70 bucks spent.This is what we call our 'mean face' I don't really look mean do I? We make 'mean faces' at each other when we are fighting to get the other person to laugh. I know, adorable.
No, I didn't wear those shoes the whole time - actually for about 3 minutes total just to take some sweet shoe pictures. I just had to! I went barefoot for the ceremony and the rest of the night - it was great!
Here are some from during the ceremony...
No, we are not Jewish, and yes, Mike broke a glass at the end of our ceremony. Why, you ask? 'Cause I wanted to. Here are a few other fun pics...
Starting the celebration!My beautiful momma...A view from above the festivites.The drummer/singer from the steel drum band - Reel Ting!
...and the name cards.

We should be getting the rest of our pictures from the photographer in a month. I'll post more then!


  1. Beautiful Hanna!

    My favorites: The starfish bouts, your turquoise accessories, you hair! You look gorgeous.

    Congratulations to you both. I've been dying for another beach wedding, but I think your photos could tie me over for a bit ;)

  2. So pretty Hanna, love your wedding colors! You make a beautiful bride. Congratulations!

  3. Hanna!!! I <3 and miss you, too! Thanks for following my blog! Your wedding pictures are stunning. <3 the turquoise accents. It's my fav color these days. How is married life?